When you need efficient heating you can depend on, look no further than boilers in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, from Speed Air.

They work with your current radiator or below-floor heating equipment to produce efficient warmth, despite how frigid it gets.

Worn-down boilers are known for being inefficient, but that’s not the situation today. Innovative boilers carry up to a 95% AFUE rating, so they’re very innovative in converting fuel into heat.

With elements like cast-iron heat exchangers and titanium burners, modern boilers are manufactured to deliver trouble-free heat for years. A variety of newer boilers eliminate a pilot light, which makes them more sound and more trusted.

We have an assortment of gas-fired water boilers, oil-fired water boilers and gas-fired steam boilers. Connect with us at 800-941-0247 right away and our heating and cooling pros will help you pick the best equipment for your home.

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Four Perks of Buying a New Boiler

Installing a high-efficiency boiler to your home provides numerous perks, including:

1. Effortless maintenance—You won’t have to clean ducts or change filters, because boilers distribute warmth via water.

2. Halts allergy circulation—Boilers don’t disperse allergens, so they may be good for homes with allergy sufferers.

3. Outstanding zone control—Boilers allow for advanced zone control, so it’s more effortless to change the temperature from room to room.

4. Say farewell to dry air—Enjoy superior balanced humidity with a boiler system, since radiant heat doesn’t dry the air.

Delight in More Reliable Heating with a Updated Boiler

Call us at 800-941-0247 now to schedule an appointment to choose and put in your new boiler. Our Nate-Certified professionals will help you to choose the right one to efficiently heat your home.

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