Your space could look clean, but that doesn’t mean your air is clean. Which is why we provide air duct cleaning in Tannersville, Pennsylvania.

Everyday activity produces irritants, dust and chemicals. Your HVAC pulls in this pollution and recirculates it as many as seven times everyday, according to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

These pollutants can also accumulate in your duct work and home comfort system, potentially creating issues for family members with respiratory issues or allergies.

Still in search of additional reasons why having your HVAC ducts and HVAC equipment cleaned is worth it?

A dirty HVAC system is required to work harder, which means it often uses more electricity and is more liable to wear out faster.

Trust the heating and cooling team at Speed Air when you want to improve your home’s indoor air quality. We’ll take care of the dirty work so you and your family can breathe more easily.

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How Duct Cleaning Works

Below are examples of the things our technicians will do as they perform duct cleaning:

  • Examine your equipment prior to cleaning to make sure there aren’t unsafe particles inside it.
  • Follow best policies to carefully sweep and clean ducts and your system.
  • Collect dust with a specialized vacuum during HVAC cleaning.
  • Keep your home uncontaminated by installing protective clothes around their workspace.

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Still undecided if you need air duct cleaning? If the ducts in your indoors seem like they need to be cleaned, they’re probably in need of service.

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